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Not Long Ago Indy Was a Safe and Clean Place

Now we see our city spiraling the same direction as other liberally governed strongholds.  Indianapolis City counsel meetings come and go without the word “crime” even finding its way into the minutes.  We now have a higher murder rate than Chicago and are on pace for 300 murders in 2021.  When asked, city hall deflects with social justice jargon or pandemic excuses.  To IMPD’s dismay, our criminal justice system has become a revolving door with repeat offenders back on the streets in days.  Instead of supporting local law enforcement, our city council has largely adopted left wing anti-police propaganda and continues to pour more tax dollars into failing crime prevention grant programs.
When law enforcement was told to stand down while our downtown was being looted in 2020, a clear message was sent regarding city hall’s agenda.  Now as our homeless epidemic explodes, it’s a realistic concern that local government has no legitimate intention of keeping our city clean either.  As business owners are forced to remove feces from sidewalks, our tax dollars are spent putting homeless in hotels.  The encampment on Monument Circle was removed just before the Final Four came to town as that black eye must have been too embarrassing for the nation to see.  Now the Council has approved a feasibility study for a city funded permanent homeless camp downtown, funded by our tax dollars!  These are the kind of stories we’re used to hearing out of New York and California, not Indy.  As rent relief and pandemic handouts begin to expire, we’re worried that a perfect storm is brewing.  Will conventions and new business be attracted back to Indy if our streets become riddled with trash and an entitlement culture a la San Francisco?

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is here and it’s racist.  People that teach it are racists.  Marxist ideologues are sneaking it into lesson plans and excluding it from what the parents see.  CRT is in central Indiana.  It’s making news in Brownsburg and Fishers.  We at Save-Indy don’t believe that children are oppressors or oppressed.  
We don’t think people should be grouped by skin color.

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