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A lot of people describe Indianapolis as a big little town.

We’re middle America with big city amenities.  We’re hustle and bustle with small town values. We’re home to the largest sporting event in the world.  We’re a renown host of expos, conferences, and NCAA events.  We’re a business friendly city with low taxes and easy travel.  We have a great airport and everything is accessible here.  You can park, have a nice meal, and then walk to see the game.
This is a great place to raise a family.  We have good schools, smart and talented kids, and some of the fastest growing suburbs in the country.  They call Indiana the crossroads of America and our capital city is the heart of that.  We’re right in the middle of the state and denoted by a star in a flag that happens to be red, white, and blue.  In the center of the city stands a statue built from Indiana limestone and the first ever monument built to honor the common soldier.
Whether you were born here, moved here, or left and came back, this place has a knack for feeling like home.  

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